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Exchange Server 2010: Error 4294966746

Speaking of business, it is always important to have the right communication. You need to communicate with customers, clients, shareholders, and more. This communication will not be easy if we are all blessed with the notion of MS Exchange Server. In this digital world, Microsoft Exchange provides businesses with email, calendar, and contacts on PC & the web, so that individuals can stay connected and. Recently, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, the latest version of a messaging platform and collaboration that is significantly more advanced than previous versions.

Fresh New and One of Its Own Types Based on Role Access Control Model (RBAC). Additionally, the Exchange Control Panel is a new management tool built in Exchange 2010. But, although this new version there are some features that at least lack server free of corruption will not apply at all.

Each time it happens successfully in the Exchange Server 2010 database, especially what happens. In fact, there is always the possibility that one of the ‘Pri.edb’ or ‘Pub.edb’ archives in the information store may have been corrupted. While working on MS Exchange 2010, whenever the rescue information is broken, you may find the following main problem “Error 4294966746: JET_errDatabaseInconsistent”.

Facing this error you cannot run Microsoft Exchange Server service Information store and the first reaction will always be very annoying. But you do not have to worry and lose hope because there is exchange server database recovery to overcome the condition.

Start the information storage service and confirm database uniformity

Well, if you know the database is inconsistent, then it is important for you to solve the problem by doing a soft file recovery. But if the database is still not consistent, then you should apply the hard repair by using the application ‘Eseutil.exe’. And, besides this, you may also need to perform the steps, such as:

Delete all Log and Chk files together with Temp files.

Find out if the information storage service can successfully restart or not. If so, then you can stop the service.

Isimeg.exe to perform consistency tests.

Restart the information storage service and.

Just by following the above procedure, the probability is always high so you can resolve the error. If you fail to resolve this issue, this place the most appropriate approach you should choose requires the help of a third-party application that can repair corrupt EDB files directly and effectively.

Since it is always difficult to predict disaster once, the same rule also applies to EDB file corruption. But a pinch like that is very likely done with the help of the tool. You can replace all scenarios where it will be difficult to start the information service. Microsoft Exchange Server includes the ones discussed above.

This tool can help you in overcoming all the corruption situation of Exchange server and make eye restoration. It does not matter whether you have the right backup or not, with the help of a third-party server recovery application, you can save all EDB files without unnecessary obligations. Actually, the use of this app allows you. Messages, folders, mailboxes, or all EDB Devices, notes, tasks, distribution lists, journals, and calendars.